Environmental commitment

Fernheim Cooperative strives to achieve sustainable development for all inhabitants of the Chaco region by protecting its flora and fauna, as well as the ecosystem as a whole.

Cooperative Fernheim

The Cooperative Fernheim was founded on May 13th, 1931 as the first cooperative in Paraguay. This foundation surged from the necessity and poverty the pioneer settlers suffered from in the first years of their settlement in Fernheim. The pioneers, who were emigrants of European background, became aware that only cooperation would make economic and social development possible.

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The Cooperative Fernheim is a competitive and social competent institution, which includes good facilities, trained personnel and adequate technology for economic development. The Cooperative Fernheim comprises of good relationships with other cooperatives and organizations like the government, clients and suppliers.


The Fernheim Cooperative provides economic and social benefits for its members


Solidarity, Trust, Loyalty, Integrity, Responsibility