The majorityof the members of the Cooperative Fernheim are dedicated to cattle raising. The production goes above 100.000 cattle per year, of which 90% is exported.
The beef production of the Cooperative Fernheim is done by extensive grass feeding, which means that the cattle graze on natural fields and on pastures with high quality what leads to minor cholesterol and fat content in the meat.
The main breeds bred by the Cooperative Fernheim and its members are Brahman, Santa Gertrudis, Gelbviehand other crossbreeding.
The high quality of beef successfully satisfies the Paraguayan and worldwide market requirements. The beef is consumed by countries in South America, Europe, Asia, Africa and the Middle East.

Frigochaco Natural Beef

From the heart of South America exporting quality meat to the whole world

Frigochaco is the abattoir of the Cooperative Fernheim located in the city of Limpio, has a surface of 13.000 m2 and a slaughter capacity of 24.000 animals per month. It also has its own ‘saladero’ where salted meat such as charqui can be produced. 

The whole process of slaughter and cut up is processed at Frigochaco, even up to special preparations for special cuts, always according to the clients’ requirements and international norms. The process of quality control at the facilities is also performed according to the quality program HACCP. 

The plant has incorporated modern mechanisms and installations for the effluent process, reusing the waste for the boiler and a reforestation on the factories property with more than 9.000 trees. 

Don Pepe

The main beef selection of Paraguay

Don Pepe is an exclusive product of highest quality, carefully prepared through a special process by Frigochaco owned by the Cooperative Fernheim and made for the local and international commerce. An aromatic, savory and juicy beef with special cuts for grilling is achieved by a long process of maturing.

This beef proceeds of young cattle raised by members of the Cooperative Fernheim, Chaco.


The Cooperative Fernheim purchases, processes and markets with the brand Agrochaco – agricultural products produced by its members. The products for export are peanuts, sesame and pasture seeds such as Gatton Panic, Urucloa and Sudan negro (black Sudan). 

Agrochaco is responsible for product-control to guaranty te quality at LabFil Laboratories. LabFil is also one of the laboratories officially recognized by the DISE (Office of Seeds) and is registered under the national RNLS N°23. LabFil works under the Quality-Control-System known as ISO 17025 and is authorized to determine the aflatoxin levels in peanuts.

Aflatoxin authorization

ISO 9001-2015-DAS Certifiactes

ISO 9001-2015-FCR Certificates

Quality policy


The agricultural members of the Cooperative Fernheim have cultivated peanuts since its foundation in 1930. In the 70s, the Cooperative Fernheim started the exportation of peanuts to Japan and in 1997 started exporting to Europe. The peanuts are stored, shelled and selected electronically and mechanical. The cultivated variety by our producers is Florman INTA type: Runner. 

The Cooperative Fernheim has its own professional laboratory technicians which advise and control the production line. Always aiming to fulfill and uphold a quality according to the high international standards by investing in machinery, technology and human resources.


The Cooperative Fernheim started the research and production of sesame in 1951. Since 1986 the members of the Cooperative Fernheim have cultivated sesame with a major commercial purpose. 

The different varieties are F-06, IP-10 as the most important one, and F-11 and Escoba as well. The industrial plant processes sesame with mechanical machine cleaners obtaining purity of 99.97%. The whole process is supervised by professional laboratory technicians, which oversee the production line to maintain the required quality for the international market. Sesame is marketed in its natural form and exported to different international destinations. 


Cencoprod is the first commercial alliance between the three biggest Cooperatives in Chaco Paraguay; Cooperative Chortizer Ltd., Cooperative ColonizadoraMultiactiveFernheim Ltd. and Cooperative MultiactiveNeuland Ltd., This alliance began on 23rd of June in 2007.

The first joint project was the cattle leather processing plant. The WET BLUE, offered by Cencoprod reaches the standard quality of the most demanding international markets, and when finished they are used as upholstery in famous cars, furniture and clothing of well-known and prestigious brands on a global market.

Later, with the development of the processing plant for meat flour and bones and industrial grease; the initiated circle of cattle raising closes in Chaco Paraguay. This plant offers meat flour and bones to the market, whose process is the only one in the country that fulfills the norms of income from the strictest markets on worldwide level.

CencoprodLimitada gets the raw material – fresh leather, bones and sebum – because of the daily slaughter of the other allied slaughter plants.